Focus on outer alignment of the physical body to correct body posture, to bring elasticity in joints and muscles, to make the body strong and steady. The mind is engaged in correction of outer geometrical patterns of the musculo-skeletal body, resulting in increased body awareness.

‘The capital we are born with, the human body, lies unutilized for the great majority of us.’


Focus on inner alignment and the physiological level of the body. Connectivity and even flow of energy is emphasized. The art of concentration with total mental involvement develops the qualities of harmony, balance, poise and power.

‘Balance in space. Go into the unknown. Conquer fear.’


Focus on releasing imprints of stress and anxieties in body and mind. The nervous system is stilled and the brain rested. Poses are performed with support of props so that body and mind move to a state of balance, calmness and equanimity.

‘Relaxation is emptiness’